Discover. SE2 (2022)

2021 | 15x26´ |ESP, ENG, ESP LATAM | 4K

Production: Tanita Films, Descubrir Tours 

Director: Jesús Del Caso

Status: in production

Second season of the sustainable adventure travel program "DESCUBRIR" Now more spectacular, in 4K and with drones.

DESCUBRIR transports the viewer to famous destinations, lesser known routes and old destinations from a different angle, all to be re-discovered.  The host and the spectators will be enjoying breathtaking landscapes, meeting other people, tasting different foods and experiencing other ways of living from a sustainable and responsible perspective.

Descubrir SE2 and all its contents are endorsed by the UN Global Compact in order to make the show a powerful tool to communicate the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda.